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Today: Voyboy, Yassuo, Erobb And More Battle In Pogchamps

The PogChamps' first round ended with three decisive results, as Papaplatte, Forsen, and Boxbox were each able to earn three points from their respective openings. Once again, fans from all over the world tuned into's broadcast, making it the most viewed stream on all of Twitch as the day headed into its final match.

While Sunday's action brought fun to the forefront, many Twitch streamers were directly affected by a sweep of copyright music usage claims. Overnight, many top Twitch streamers were threatened with permanent closure by the platform as a result of a vast number of DMCA claims, even if the clips in question were over a year old. Fuslie, one of the participants in the PogChamps, was hit with two strikes within the last 24 hours: